Royal Rally – Undercover | TBD

UNDERCOVER (Limited to 60 teams)

Calgary – Alberta Badlands – Calgary (580km)

Date: TBD

Get ready for something completely new! 60 teams will face off in the first-of-its-kind ‘espionage’ style event.

The Story:

You’ve been selected by notorious electronics racketeer, known only as ‘Buzz’, to pick-up and deliver a series of hard drives from a secret location to his drop-off location, but there’s saboteurs amongst you! All teams will be provided with a route card at the start of the event, which contains instructions, tasks and challenges for teams to complete. Teams will earn points by completing tasks along the way, and by successfully transporting their hard drives to the end-point.

A few teams will receive a different route card. These “saboteurs” will have a different set of goals and missions to complete. Their overall goal is to sabotage the rest of the teams and prevent them from earning enough points to complete their mission. Saboteurs have to be discrete because if all of them are identified by the awards ceremony, this group will automatically lose. Teams will have the opportunity to identify the saboteurs at the conclusion of dinner. If all saboteurs are not correctly identified, whichever group (teams or saboteurs) with the most collective points will win.

Who are the undercover saboteurs?

That’s the golden question! We don’t know. As teams depart the start line, the saboteurs’ route cards will be mixed in with the deck and handed out to teams at random. The goal of the saboteurs is to mess with the other teams without being detected.

How to earn points:

  • Teams earn points for the group by completing side tasks along the route, and by delivering the goods to the drop-off zone with minimal interference from the saboteurs. At the awards dinner, the number of saboteur teams will be revealed. If rally teams can identify all of the saboteurs before our awards ceremony begins, the saboteurs automatically lose.
  • Our saboteurs have an entirely different set of goals and metrics of earning points. The more wrong answers the regular teams have on their route cards, the more points the saboteurs will earn. Saboteurs also have side tasks to complete to earn points. Saboteurs have to be careful not to be too obvious with their missions. If all saboteurs are identified by teams, this group will automatically lose.

Whichever group ends up with the most points by the end of this single-day event, will reign supreme.

What’s included?

  • Rally lanyards
  • Rally decals
  • Lunch in the Badlands
  • Dinner in Calgary
  • Rally Swag
  • Event Media Coverage

Entry Fee: $350/team (+ GST)