AREA 27 Race Track, Oliver, BC

Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Event Class: Track Day

After the success of our 2021 track day at Area 27, we’re offering a follow-up to the smash hit! Here’s your opportunity to drive your car on a world class race track!
Join us for our 2022 track day at Area 27 in the Okanagan! On this event, you’ll have access to the Area 27 road course and autocross. Driving instructors will be available to help you take control of the track! Trust us, this is a huge help for those who are novice or intermediate at Area 27’s facility.
*You will be driving your own car on the track*

Here’s how it will work:

You’ll meet us at Area 27 on the morning of the event and we’ll spend the day enjoying the renowned road course and autocross layout. Drivers will be split into three groups based on experience, with up to 20 cars on the track at a time. You’ll alternate between autocross, the track and the spectator paddock. We’ll have professional instructors available for novice/intermediate drivers to learn how to master the track and take on those corners. Instructors will drive Area 27’s Camaros, with groups of five cars in their instructor groups. Radios will be provided for driving instructions. Novice and intermediate drivers will start the day with driver instruction and will move to open lapping as the instructors see fit. Advanced drivers will begin with open lapping. Breakfast and lunch will be served in the clubhouse for all registered drivers and guests.

Your entry fee includes:

  • Access to road course for open lapping and lead/follow sessions (depending on experience)
  • Autocross (with prizes for the top 3 autocross times!)
  • Breakfast & Lunch At Track Day
  • Access to Driving Instructors
  • Opportunity to ride along with driving instructors during on-track sessions
  • Group motorsports insurance (in the event of personal injury or damage to the facility)
  • Track Day Photos

    Entry Fee: $650 for 1 driver/car


  • Add a non-driving spectator: +$100 per spectator*
  • Add second driver: +$150 (maximum one second driver per registered car).*
  • Hotel: We will provide a promo code to anyone who wishes to stay at our chosen hotel, to take advantage of our group rate. The hotel promo code will be valid both the night before and after the track day.

*Breakfast and lunch are included for spectators and second drivers. Please note that passengers are only allowed to ride along with intermediate or advanced sessions. Passengers are welcome to ride with instructors during any on-track sessions.

Event Regulations & Vehicle Fitness:


In order to register, we require a non-refundable deposit of $250 + tax be paid up-front, in order to secure the track. The only exceptions to this rule are: if Area 27 is forced to shut down due to COVID-19 or inter-provincial travel is banned to B.C. By registering, you are acknowledging this. If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to sell your entry to someone else. We will not be providing refunds.


Helmets are available at Area 27 and are included in your entry fee. As a participant of this event, Area 27 requires you to wear a race helmet, which must be worn by both drivers and passengers while on the track. Helmets must be Snell approved and SA2010 or newer. If you do not have a helmet, you may rent one for the day.


1) Convertibles (hard-top or soft-top) are not allowed on the race track unless they are equipped with factory or aftermarket roll protection and are on Area 27’s list of approved vehicles. If you’re registering with a convertible, please contact us before signing up so we can ensure your vehicle meets Area 27’s standards. All convertibles are allowed at autocross.
2) Trucks and SUVs are allowed.
3) This track day is meant for performance vehicles only. You’re welcome to bring any car, so long as it is suitable for the track. Japanese, European and American vehicles are all welcome. Please email before you register if you’re not sure if your car will qualify.


Your vehicle must pass a safety assessment upon your arrival to Area 27. In order to attend, your vehicle must be in road-worthy condition. Worn tires, brakes, suspension or other safety components may deem your vehicle inadmissible for this track day. Please ensure your vehicle passes a safety inspection prior to your arrival to Area 27 or you may be turned around at the gate. Brake pads are expected to be at 75% and tires next-to-new. Your brake fluid should be 6-months fresh, or newer as well.


Your vehicle insurance is considered void while at Area 27. If you crash or inflict damage to your vehicle, you are required to report it and the damage will not be covered by your insurance. If you cause damage to another vehicle, or any aspect of the track/facility, you will be held responsible for the damages.