Enter To Win A Royal Rally – Triple Crown Entry + $500



You read correctly! We’re giving away a spot on Royal Rally – Triple Crown, plus $500 cash!
Here’s how to enter:

  • Every team who signs up and pays their $250 rally deposit for Royal Rally – Triple Crown will automatically receive 5 entries into the contest as part of their entry fee. As such, rally deposits are considered non-refundable. **FULL**
  • Purchase apparel from our online store to enter to win! Every $10 you spend earns you an entry into the contest.
  • The winner will receive a spot on Royal Rally – Triple Crown, plus $500.

    The winner’s name will be drawn one week after the contest is full. The winning name will be drawn via a third-party administrator. In order to claim the prize, Canadian residents must correctly complete a skill-testing question by phone or email.


To enter this contest, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold valid vehicle insurance
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Agree to, and sign, Royal Rally’s contest release waiver
  • Have valid and current I.D. on you to claim your prize
  • Agree to Royal Rally’s standard terms and conditions for this contest, if participating on a Royal Rally event.

Congratulations to Kelly McLellan for winning the sweepstakes!

At the conclusion of the contest period, we sent off a list of all 490 entries to a third-party, who conducted the draw on our behalf. The letter from our sweepstakes administrator has been posted below.

Contest Winner Proof Of Draw

All entries are considered final and will not be refunded unless the contest is deemed unable to proceed. Please find the full contest terms & conditions here.

The winner’s name will be drawn on, or before June 15, 2021. The grand prize, once awarded, cannot be substituted and is considered final once it has been claimed. Rally teams who have registered and paid their Triple Crown deposits will receive 5 contest entries, but may enter this contest to receive additional entries towards this contest.

  • In addition to 300 spots being allocated to teams already signed up for Triple Crown, an additional 100 (minimum) spots in this sweepstakes contest (which factors in apparel & legal costs), must be claimed by purchasing apparel. We require all 400 (minimum) spots to be filled in order to draw a winner. If 400 spots don’t fill up before June 15, 2021, an alternate prize will be awarded when a winner’s name is drawn.
  • A $2,000 cash prize may be substituted at the winner’s request.
  • The winner must correctly answer a skill-testing question in order to claim their prize. Failure to answer the skill-testing question will result in a re-draw.