Shift | Date TBD

SHIFT (Limited to 60 teams)

Calgary – Fort MacLeod – Calgary (620km)

August 22, 2020 (1-Day Event)

Event Class: Navigator Series

Starting at House of Cars – Barlow Trail, teams will be given a rally passport with clues to ten locations they must visit. At each location, teams will earn a stamp in their rally passport. The goal is to collect all the stamps before the end of the day, but of course there’s more!

The catch? In order to earn your stamps, you’ll have to work for them! Some stamps will come easier than others.

During the rally, you’ll encounter a special checkpoint where you’ll have an opportunity to earn advantages, making your passport stamps easier to acquire.

Earn all your Passport stamps and earn your Royal Rally – Shift medallion!

The event will conclude back in Calgary, for dinner and awards. Expect the event to conclude around 7 p.m.

What’s included in your rally entry?

-Lunch & Dinner
-Royal Rally Apparel
-Royal Rally decal package/installation
-Rally passport and activities
-Awards Ceremony
-Event photos/video

Cost Per Team: $400 + Fees

*Entry fee is based on two vehicle occupants

**Both team members must be 18 years of age to participate.