Royal Rally – Most Wanted | TBD

MOST WANTED (Limited to 60 teams)

Calgary – Alberta Badlands – Calgary (580km)

Date: TBD

Event Class: Pursuit Series

Get ready for something completely new! 60 teams will face off in the first-of-its-kind ‘hot pursuit’ style event.

The Story:

You’ve been selected by notorious electronics racketeer, known only as ‘Buzz’, to pick-up and deliver a series of hard drives from a secret location to his drop-off location without getting caught by the rangers. Instructions will be provided to the smugglers via our web app, telling them where to go as well as providing info on what to do in order to gain the intel on finding the drop zone. Teams will earn points by completing tasks along the way, and by avoiding run-ins with the rangers. The rangers will be provided with anonymous tips on the whereabouts of the teams, so it’s of the utmost importance for our smugglers to try their best to stay off the grid.

Who are the rangers?

Five teams, who will be selected at random closer to the event date, will become the rangers. Our rangers are the keepers of the law, and will pursue the remainder of the teams; our smugglers. The rangers will start from the same starting point as the rest of the teams, but will utilize a different web app and will give teams a 15 minute head-start before they begin their own mission to intercept.
It is the mission of the five rangers to intercept teams as many times as possible, and photograph them, before arriving at the drop zone.

How to earn points:

  • Our smugglers will earn points by completing side tasks along the route, and by delivering the goods to the drop-off zone with minimal interference from the rangers. Smugglers will lose points if they are tagged by the rangers.
  • Our rangers will be sniffing down leads that come in from our web app. They will be tasked with photographing every team they encounter on the road and will submit photos on the web app. Every time a team is spotted by a ranger, the team loses one point and the ranger gains a point. Each ranger can only submit one photo per car, meaning any given team can be tagged a total of five times (once per ranger).
  • Whichever faction; smugglers or rangers, ends up with the most points by the end of this single-day event, will reign supreme.

    What’s included?

  • Rally lanyards
  • Rally decals
  • Lunch in the Badlands
  • Dinner in Calgary
  • Rally Swag
  • Access to our rally web app
  • Event Media Coverage
  • Entry Fee: $350/team (+ GST)